The SCV Juan Comenius is a higher education centre specialized on technical subjects, which provide vocational training (VET and IVT), continuous and occupational formation. Moreover, we have got primary, secondary and upper secondary students.

As a VET Institution, we focus on: Nursery (children aged 0-3 years old), Electronics, Administrative and Financial (Business), Image, Video, Photography, Sound; Audiovisual and Performances Production… All our technical courses are of two years duration. We base our education and training on the development of the knowledge and skills which will make them able to participate successfully in their professional work and behaviour as well as integration in a changing society. For us, quality is an essential element in the satisfaction of our users (students, parents, staff, enterprises…), so we obtained the quality certification ISO 9001:2000.

SCV Juan Comenius is a Valencian worker cooperative located in Valencia, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, which was created in 1983.

Since last year we have been awarded with the Erasmus University Charter for student placements (VET Studies – Upper Grade (120 ECTS)) (Students older than 18 years old) until the course 2012-2013.

Now, we are looking for partners all around Europe (companies or Technical Universities or Schools ) to exchange our students during their workplacements (3 months). The period for this workplacement is between middle of March and the beginning of June 2012.

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Contact: Paula Benlliure Fabregat – Erasmus Coordinator –

Mª Luisa Pellicer Farreri – International Department –

Helena Cebrián Alberola – International Department –

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